Linksys Velop Tri-Band Mesh WIFI System Review: Outstanding Performance Backed By Strong Signals


Linksys, the company known for its wide range of home router has recently announced the launch of its Velop Tri-band mesh router in India. The Velop comes with three routers which are also known as nodes. These nodes can be configured in different areas of your house for uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity.



Linksys Velop Tri-Band Mesh WIFI System Review

The Tri-Band modular WiFi system is capable of providing fast and reliable WiFi connection and creates a home network. We at Gizbot received the device to test it and invest some time with the router to get you a detailed review of the device.



• 3.1-inch Square base
• 7.3 inch from top to bottom
• Wi-Fi Mesh Connectivity
• IEEE Standard 802.11 with MU-MIMO
• 2.4 GHz radio
• 5GHz radio
• IEEE 802.11a/n/ac - 5 GHz
• 716 MHz Quad-Core Processor
• Two Ethernet ports for WAN and/LAN connection
• WPA2 personal wireless encryption



The trio of Linksys Velop comes in white color option, and in the first look, you might get confused because it looks similar to a Bluetooth speaker. We find the design of the nodes to be elegant and it can be placed anywhere in your house to accompany your interior. Nodes arrive in a rectangular shape with 7.3-inch of height and 3-inch of width.

All the three nodes feature circular vents on the top and rear side which helps in getting rid of extra heat. Besides, it also has an LED indicator which helps you set up the router. Underneath the nodes there are the ethernet ports, reset button, power toggle key, and a 12V power input port.

We must say that the placement of ports and buttons are very interesting this makes the router clean from all the sides.

Setup Process

Setup Process

Each node is configured during the setup with the accompanying Linksys app which is available both for iOS and Android. During the setup process, we haven't faced any problem. The connection between the mobile device and each node is secure by Bluetooth. You can also prefer WiFi for the connection.

To configure the nodes, first, you need to install the app on your smartphone and then follow the setup guide. Select the Velop model and proceed with the setup, it might take some time, but that will not be more than 5 minutes. You have to configure each node individually.

Once the setup is done you will get to see the red LED indicator turning blue, which means your node is connected. If the indicator is showing yellow light then it means that the connection is weak.

Do note that only one Ethernet is enough for the setup, you needn't have to connect all the nodes with the Internet connection. Also, do remember that you have to place the nodes not too far away from each other. For example, you can place one in your drawing room, another in your bedroom and the third one on another floor.



We have used the Velop Tri-Band for more than two weeks and we must say that the performance of the routers is really impressive. We have also tested the bandwidth speed of the Internet while using the router. We noticed a difference of 10-15mbps speed when connected to a traditional router and Velop Mesh router.

Moreover, you needn't have to connect the nodes again and again to the devices what you are using. If you are walking from the bedroom to the drawing-room you can see that the device is automatically connected with the drawing room's router. We are very much amazed by the performance of the router.

We have also tested the download speed of the router by placing the device near the router and away from it. In both cases, we have noticed strong connectivity and decent download speed. We have not seen any drop in the speed of the router's even when we are away from it.

Velop can also use an Ethernet connection for inter-node communication to allow all three radios to communicate with users and help WiFi reach distant locations, but not too far. Velop is a premium Whole Home WiFi modular mesh WiFi system and the performance impressed us a lot.



The Linksys Velop Whole Home WiFi is available at Amazon, and Linksys authored channel partners. It comes with a 3-year warranty and following is the pricing for the device:

  • Velop Tri-Band AC2200 WHW0301 (1 Pack)-INR 19999
  • Velop Tri-Band AC4400WHW0302(2 Pack) -INR 34999
  • Velop Tri-Band AC6600WHW0303(3 Pack) -INR 49999

Based on the speed and the performance of the Velop Whole Home Wi-Fi, we must say that if have a bigger house and looking for a strong home network then this can be in the top priority list. The device has not missed a single chance to impress us in terms of connectivity, speed, and other aspects.

The Velop Tri-band offers good speed, however, that also depends on the plan and service provider you are opting for. We used it with Hathway, and Act service providers. There might be a possibility that it can perform much better with other networks.

Overall, we can say that Velop is a good router with a strong signal, impressive performance, and an attractive design. However, pricing-wise it's still not affordable for everyone. But if you have a big pocket then you can go for this router.

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