Philips Air Purifier ac4014/10 Review: The Appliance With Stellar Design

By Vivek

With the growing pollution and impurities in the air we breathe, Air Purifiers are gradually becoming a part of the necessity at home. Especially, when you have a new-born in your home, whom who want to raise in a clean-air environment, this product is quite needed.


Philips Air Purifier ac4014/10 Review


Recently, Philips launched its latest air purifier AC4014/10, which has design-wise impressed us to a large extent. Moreover, even in terms of functionality, the sleek home appliance does make and prove its point.

Launched at the price of Rs. 28,995, the air purifier does appear to be quite elite product, but as we saw the technology involved in it, it seems fair enough. We used the Air Purifier for quite sometime and now we are pretty sure about its efficiency and features. Hence, as a feedback, we have come up with the review of the same product.

Philips Air Purifier ac4014/10 Review



The design of the Philips Air Purifier AC4014/10 is stunning. Moreover, it looks like a kind of a robot from animation movies like "Wall-E." The sleek design and smooth finishing does make it a "likable" home appliance. Not only does its functionality counts but as I see it, the design of the product also adds an extra facet of beauty of your room house. Since it not too large in size, the Air Purifier, doesn't take up much space.

Philips Air Purifier ac4014/10 Review

Precisely speaking, the dimension of the device stands at 350 x 196 x 623 mm, which brings the weight up to 6.1kgs. The dimension of this Air Purifier is such that it fits perfect under a standard-size table, which makes it easier to store, when not used. The build quality of the product is above average as it uses sturdy ABS plastic, which is pretty hard and can't break easily even if it falls. The plastic used to build this product is pretty glossy but it looks nice in every way. However, when we used it for more than a week, we saw dark stains on it. On close inspection, it was the dust that got attached on the moist fingerprint it attracted.

Philips Air Purifier ac4014/10 Review

Features of Philips Air Purifier AC 4014

The moment you see the Philips Air Purifier, it looks like a robot in every way. It could be also be because of the sensor that looks like the robotic eye on the left side of the product. Anyway, that is just the different aspect of the product, which we will discuss later. But as far as its primary function is concerned, i.e. purifying air, Philips air purifier uses the advanced filtration system in which the harmful agents are eliminated in 3 stages.

Philips Air Purifier ac4014/10 Review

Firstly, the big particles like human or pet hair, clogged dust etc. are filtered out by the washable anti-bacterial pre filter. The second phase is takes out all the harmful gases, cigarette smokes, odors, paint fumes etc. using the efficient activated carbon filter, used in it. Lastly, the fine dust, germs, allergens, pollen etc. are filtered out by the anti-bacterial HEPA filter.

The third phase was pretty efficient as it wards off air-borne allergens from your room. These days there are quite a lot of people who are allergic to airborne allergens, esp. pollen and dust, therefore, this aspect of the product is pretty likable and important.

Philips Air Purifier ac4014/10 Review

Smart Sensor

Talking about the sensor at the front of the Philips Air Purifier, it has a multiple function. It is an indicator of almost everything that you should know from the product. That's the way the product can only communicate with you. The smart sensor lets you know the indoor air quality on a real time basis.

There are 3 step light indicators used to mention the level of air quality. Precisely, the Blue color defines pure air; Purple suggests fair; and Red indicates bad air.

Philips Air Purifier ac4014/10 Review


Around the sensor, there are couple of buttons, which can operate the Air purifier. You can see power button, Speed of the fan, Reset, Replace Filter and Timer button as well. All these can be used to control the purifier with ease.

The air flow of this air purifier can also be adjusted according to your liking. At level 1, the fan is quite silent. However, the 2nd and 3rd level are quite loud compared to the first level.

Philips Air Purifier ac4014/10 Review

The product is pretty smart to let you know when to replace the filter. It comes with a healthy air protect alert, that will suggest you to replace the filter when it's full. Likewise, timer comes handy when you are going off to seep.

The sensors are very efficient too. As we kept rotten foods in the same room with other smelly stuff, the indicator turned red suggesting bad air. But it cleans the air really fast so that you will hardly see red for a long time.

Philips Air Purifier ac4014/10 Review


The Philips Air Purifier is quite efficient and comes with amazing features. But again the price of the device is something that makes us anything easy to judgement. Let's face it, it's expensive. But so long as it works efficiently and keeps you healthy, it's okay.

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