Samsung Galaxy Altius: Is it Smartwatch or A Mobile Operating System?

By: Anuj Bhatia

Looks like, Samsung wants to make every gadget of yours. The impending release of Galaxy smart watch is yet another topic of discussion these days. From Galaxy S to Galaxy Note 2, Samsung is making every effort to be highlighted more than Apple. Well, if that's the case, then, Samsung will surely indulge in by releasing a smart watch in the near future. It is said that Samsung is working closely executing - Project J, which consists of Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Mini, and lastly a wearable computer - in the form of wrist watch.

Apple, its arch rival, is presently giving final touch to the unknown project. Recently it was revealed that as many as 100 people are working to make Apple's dream iWatch. Is Samsung also working on a similar project? The latest evidence by a Korean forum Ruliweb, forces GizBot to believe that Samsung is indeed in a process to make a wearable computer device. And it could be a wrist watch.

Samsung Galaxy Altius: Is it Smartwatch or A Mobile Operating System?

Samsung Project J - Galaxy Altius

So, what's the secret behind the Samsung Galaxy Altius? The latest screen shots revealed that the Korean giant is working closely on a new series of devices. These could be clubbed under to form Galaxy Altius or the name just limited to 'Galaxy watch'. Coming back to the alleged screen shots, they have some kind of relation with wireless data. That's why SKT has been imprinted at the upper left corner.

Mention of AltiusOS that, too, in a beta form raises many questions. Each leaked screenshots have a  resolution of 500 X 500 pixels. One of the screen shot is most interesting of all. It has a Windows 8 feel to it - the presence of music key, e-mail reader and clock , could makes it a new age multimedia device. The device could sport a touch screen and built in 256MB of RAM. The leaked snapshots of Samsung Galaxy smart watch, was reported by SlashGear.

It is still unclear whether Samsung planning a brand new mobile OS or Android OS to power up the Galaxy device. If the final name retains as Samsung Galaxy Altius then it will be an Android device. Samsung Galaxy series stands for Android -operated devices.

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