Samsung Might Showcase a Transparent, Portrait TV for CES 2013

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Samsung has been unveiling new televisions at CES regularly over the past few years. This year, the South Korean electronics giant will be one of the biggest players in the field at CES 2013, with Microsoft pulling out of the event.

Samsung has hinted that the company has something planned on a big-scale for the technology fair that happens yearly. The latest hint from the company regarding a possible candidate for unveiling at CES is a HDTV which has an unprecedented shape and design coupled with innovative technology.

Samsung Might Showcase a Transparent, Portrait TV for CES 2013

A YouTube video that has been recently released by Samsung shows off the product announcement. It shows a number of conventional HDTV sets racing to see the latest avatar from Samsung. On being unveiled, it shows a HDTV that has portrait-mode dimensions.

Samsung had also recently sent out a press release stating that the company will soon show off a product that will feature an innovation in TV design.

This innovation involves an unprecedented shape as well as gallery design. The image that accompanied the press release showed a translucent display that looked as if a widescreen display had been turned sideways. The display seems to be of portrait mode rather than the usual landscape modes of widescreen TVs.

However, the drawback of the concept would be the lack of availability of suitable content. Most of HD content is available in the aspect ratio 16:9, the reason why most HDTVs screens have that aspect ratio.

Samsung might merely be showing off a concept as a mere flexing exercise rather than bringing out a consumer product. The company has come out with such translucent displays in the past which, the company claims, are capable of replacing store windows in the future.

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