Samsung Ring-Operated Smartwatch Patent Appears Online

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While the smartwatch business is still in a nascent stage, it shouldn't be long before the market booms into existence with so many big name makers in the mix. And as it seems, Samsung is planning yet another entry into that market.

As reports have suggested, Samsung is looking to enter the smartwatch business once more. However, this time around, the concept of the smartwatch might be altered a bit to introduce a brand new kind of technology.

Samsung Ring-Operated Smartwatch Patent Appears Online

Accordingly, the company has patented a tech for the same that shows a round smartwatch operated by a ring around the display. While the idea is a grand one, it seems also in tune with how Apple added a secondary way of operating its smartwatch with a crown feature.

"Samsung's patent dates back to 2013, suggesting the company has been working on the idea of a rotating ring on a smartwatch for quite some time," writes Sammobile. However, there are chances that the company's upcoming round smartwatch could indeed use such a ring.

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In case you aren't aware, such kind of rings are usually found on sports watches where they are used as a means of showing the time in different regions. As of now, however, it cannot be said for certain if the product will be seen commercially anytime soon.

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