Samsung Simband First Look: Welcome to the Future of Wearables

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Fresh out of the recently held Samsung Developers Conference, we have seen the arrival of a host of tech products that scream innovation. South Korean heavy weight Samsung has been in the thick of things all this long, and the latest conference, for the company, was a way of saying "we are more than just smartphones."

As you may know already, GizBot has been in the midst of all the action happening in San Francisco. We have been doing a lot of running around, and have accordingly been rewarded with first hand looks at some of the latest the South Korean heavyweight has to offer.

Samsung Simband First Look: Welcome to the Future of Wearables

There have been a host of devices that we saw coming out of the event, but none took our imagination the way the company's Simband and Gear VR did with the first hand glimpse into the future. However, we are sticking to the Simband for the time being.

Samsung first revealed its health-focused wearable Simband earlier this year. However, that time around, the device seemed more like something out of the experiment room than the futuristic wearable the company had promised to deliver.

Samsung Simband First Look: Welcome to the Future of Wearables

However, the Simband's revelation at the SDC changed all that with so much focus on the health-monitoring wearable industry. It even revealed that time it was opening up the platform to allow developers take a deeper look into the tech.

We have been fidgeting around with this fully functioning and feature-rich Simband while our time with it. And here's what GizBot experienced with the wearable.

Samsung Simband First Look: Form Factor

The first thing you will notice from the images, the Simband doesn't look much different from the company's Gear S smartwatch. However, the basic difference actually lies in the fact that the Simband is not even a smartwatch, let alone being a consumer-oriented device (for the time being).

Samsung Simband First Look: Welcome to the Future of Wearables

For all we know, the Simband has anyway been shaping up to be one of the advanced pieces of health gears that have been showed off in the current year. But as we mentioned before, it's still an open sensor prototype that won't be available in stores anytime soon.

Heading back into the wearable once more, you will notice that a thick band of rubber has been offered to connect the somewhat curved touchscreen display. But interestingly, Samsung is pitching the product as more of a research device. At least that's what Samsung's Vice President of Health Ram Fish meant when we he called it "a modular reference platform" that's meant for wearable sensors.

Samsung Simband First Look: Welcome to the Future of Wearables

As of now, the Simband is only meant for use in the medical industry. This way more new applications for sensors will come up. And although fitness tracking remains to be one of the main fortes of makers in the wearable industry, Samsung has gone a tad far and developed a product that's only concerned about your health.

Samsung Simband First Look: Welcome to the Future of Wearables

The Simband, originally, is a sensor-laden modular platform that operates on a 1GHz dual-core ARM A7 processor backing it. The entire board measures 14 x 34mm which, more or less, is half the size of a typical SD card. Also, the wearable's 28nm chipset is accompanied by both WiFi and Bluetooth.

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