Samsung Simband Shown Off at SDC 2014: 5 Key Features to Know

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Samsung ongoing SDC 2014 event may have just started. But it has already become a sort of a "talk-of-town" with the kind of advancements and innovations that are heading over from the event.

GizBot has been in the thick of things all this while and the Samsung Developers Conference is the latest one in our kitty. Going live from San Francisco, we have already seen a host of new devices and services being shown off at the event. And one such product is the brand new Simband.

Samsung Simband Shown Off at SDC 2014: 5 Key Features to Know

But what excatly is the Simband? And how different is it from others in the same category? We take a look at its 5 key features.

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Option for Smarter Health

The Samsung Digital Health Initiative, according to the company, leverages an array of hardware and software technologies designed to bring developers, healthcare professionals, academics and health enthusiasts together to create a healthier world.

Host of Uses

The Simband from Samsung works with a variety of medical needs and with many sensor technologies, and works with SAMI, Samsung's cloud-based solution for collecting and analyzing sensor-based health data.

What is SAMI

Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interactions (S.A.M.I.) will be a data broker that will enable wearable devices like those based on Simband to upload information to the cloud. From there, developers can access the data and leverage it to create entirely new applications.

Concept or Reference Design?

According to Samsung, Simband is not a product. It's a reference design. It's a concept of what a smart health device should be. Devices based on the Simband platform will be able to gather vital diagnostic information - from the heart rate to the skin's electrical conductivity, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Partnerships

Samsung has joined with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), one of the world's premier academic medical centers, to create the Digital Health Innovation Lab. This is a vibrant new accelerator space at the UCSF Mission Bay Campus in San Francisco.

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