Sennheiser Gaming Headphone Series Go On Sale in India

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One of the global audio giants, Sennheiser sees the reason for introducing it's latest headphones - PC 363D, the U320, the PC350 and the PC310 in India.

The overwhelming gamers in India now have been given a chance to check out these cool series of gaming headphones. With its spatial and dynamic surround sound which is especially manufactured for the game lovers, comes with a high price variation. The good thing is that one gets four options before buying one. Sennheiser has priced the products fairly from Rs. 4490 which will fit in the majorities budget and Rs.23,990 for the high end model. The mid range comes with the price of Rs. 11,990 and Rs. 19,990.

Sennheiser PC 363D

The high end model PC 363D worth Rs 23,990 is the charm of Sennheiser among its three other models. It supports 7.1 surround sound audio standards with Dolby headphone and Dolby Pro Logic IIx and combines Sennheiser's own ‘Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement' technology that was seen in its other series Momentum headphones. Specially designed for hardcore gamers, this model has the easy and comfortable, CircleFlexTM ear cups which allows gamers to use it for hours, without having their ears cramped while gaming. For user convenience, there is an integrated volume control on the right ear cup for easy access to controlling the sound level. The microphone is structured to have a pro noise cancellation and smart mute function, which can be enabled by simply lifting up the boom arm.

The audio gear comes with a two year warranty and is delivered with 7.1 USB soundcard, CD driver, Quick Start Guide and USB extension cable

Sennheiser PC 350

Another model PC 350 made for professional gamers and for tournaments is priced at Rs. 19,990, a little lower than that of PC 363 D.

With its large leather cushioned ear cups, it not only keeps one, gaming for hours, but also deducts the background noises to the maximum, which means you will be listening to only the game sound and nothing else. The model can be folded to a size one can easily carry anywhere. Sennheiser claims to have this model loaded with the best gaming microphone till date. Its flexible microphone features top-quality noise cancellation and has the feature to control both volume and microphone via an easy in-line control and comes with a two years warranty.

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Sennheiser PC 310

Sennheiser PC350

Sennheiser PC 363D

Senheisser U320

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Sennheiser U320

This model is claimed to have the feature that enable the gamers to shift between different gaming platforms such as, Xbox, PS3, PC and Mac without any deduction or difference in the sound quality, thus it may be the best headset for gamers who use different platforms. The U320 comes at a fair price of Rs. 11,990.

The model also features CircleFlexTM ear cups, which helps ear pads to adjust automatically to the gamers head and an open acoustic design to keep the gamer's head cool, as it ventilates the heat. It has an integrated dual volume control which can independently adjust the audio of the game or your fellow players. Other features include, automatic microphone mute, bass boost and noise cancellation. Along with two years warranty, the delivery of this model comes with a extra ear pads, game audio cable, chat audio cable and quick start guide.

Sennheiser PC310

This model serves the best for gamers with a tight budget and also for those who have not tried the gamer series of Sennheiser. PC310 has a noise canceling microphone, open acoustic ear cups and also supports the Dolby Pro Logic standard. The headset is available at a descent price of Rs 4,490.

The lightweight model also features a durable build that retains the shape of the headset. Also, the model comes with a two year warranty.

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