Sony E-ink Watch is Here: A Resilient Smartwatch, Changes Colors with Gestures

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Latest news about Sony making the e-ink watch is already rife in the tech media world. At the same time, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, a Sony spokesperson spilled the beans on the company's upcoming smartwatch project.

Sony E-ink Watch is Here: A Resilient Smartwatch

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Dubbed as FES (Fashion Entertainments), this watch comes under the Sony's Fashion Entertainment Startup Project. The sole purpose of this smartwatch is to utilize the electronic ink (e-ink) technology to create a wearable tech product.

Sony E-ink Watch is Here: A Resilient Smartwatch

The specialty of this watch is that both wrist and face dial is made of e-paper and works as a display. As per the official reports, FES watch changes the patterns according to the user's wrist gesture. The company is also looking to make bow ties, hat, shoe accessories and paper holder out of electronic paper.

Sony E-ink Watch is Here: A Resilient Smartwatch

Reports also claim that "the Fashion Entertainments startup behind that crowdfunded watch is in fact a subdivision of Sony, tasked with designing and experimenting with products that can define the next evolution in personal electronic devices."

Sony E-ink Watch is Here: A Resilient Smartwatch

Coming in extremely thin size, with chameleon like resilience in its appearance, minimal shape to win over fans. Since, it doesn't involve any electronics inside, it said to last with a single button battery for 60 days

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Sony E-ink Watch is Here: A Resilient Smartwatch

Although there are no clear information about the pricing and the release date, one has to wait and watch, how this e-ink wearable works out. Post your opinions in the below comment box if you like this tiny gadget and have a look at the demo video below:

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