Sony ‘SmartEyeglass Attach’ Wearable Accessory Revealed Ahead of CES 2015: All You Need To Know

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Sony, a Japan based electronic company, today revealed a new clip-on display accessory that will get attached to any frame of eyewear and transform it into a Google Glass-like device. Simply dubbed as ‘SmartEyeglass Attach', it is a new smart display that gets attached to your normal glasses.

The accessory carries a small OLED microdisplay, which beams information onto your eyes at 640 x 400 resolution. It's powered by an ARM Cortex-A7 processor, has a 400mAh battery, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

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Sony ‘SmartEyeglass Attach’ Revealed: All You Need To Know

Similiar to the the Google Glass, Sony's concept of clip-on accessory hovers in front of your eye. Sony says it'll offer a crisp field of view display placed at a range of 2 meters from the eye.

The display unit weighs around 40 g (22 g for the display arm and 18 g for the secondary arm), Sony said in a press statement that the concept device will be targeted for sports and entertainment industry only. It also expects that this piece of futuristic accessory could venture into new markets and avenues for the company.

Sony is aiming to start mass production of this display module sometime by next year. The company will also showcase the display module next month at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

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Here's what we know so far about Sony's new clip-on display module. Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!


When it is attached to an eyewear, the OLED microdisplay that gets attached to a person's glasses, beams a picture onto the lense via an optical module.Thus making the unit a stunning piece of technology.Sony updated in its blog post, "You can instantly gain access to visual information that adds a level of convenience to your everyday life."


The OLED display measure 0.23 inches diagonally, Sony is offering a resolution of 640x400 pixels. The company further says that the display is also capable of reproducing deep colourswith contrast ratio higher than 10,000:1 and can cover 100% of the RGB color space, thereby displaying images with rich and vibrant color.

Power Packed Features

he display module is also equipped with a processor which is currently on par with modern smartphones. It has an ARM processor, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, a touch sensor, and a 400mAh battery.

Software Development kit (SDK)

Sony is preparing a software development kit (SDK) for the display module in order to facilitate application development. With the SDK, developers will be able to create dedicated apps which will be tailored for specific purposes.

Release Date

The new model is going to get showcased at CES 2015. Meanwhile, Sony is supposed to start the production in the coming year.

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

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