StoreDot Claims To Charge Your Phone Battery in 30 seconds

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Our constant battle to preserve smartphone battery is not hidden to anyone. While some believe that the phone's screen is the biggest culprit of battery drainage, others blame the active apps in the background.

Smartphone manufacturers have collectively failed to come up with a solution; however, there is a startup company that could change the future of phone charging.

StoreDot, a start-up firm based out of the Nanotechnology department of Tel Aviv University demonstrated a method to charge your phone in less than 30 seconds. Yes, you heard it right! In less than 30 seconds, you can charge your empty handset to full. That's magical, but how?

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StoreDot Claims To Charge Your Phone Battery in 30 seconds

Israel-based StoreDot demoed its battery on a Samsung Galaxy S4 at Microsoft's Think Next Conference. The company claims that its prototype charger promise to take your battery from a red to 100% in mere 30 seconds.

StoreDot says the prototype charger is currently the size of a laptop charger. The estimated cost will be twice that of an average phone charger. The start-up company says commercial production in planned for late 2016 not before that. The charger could be priced at $30 (about Rs. 1800)

"In essence, what we have developed is a new generation of an electrode with new materials - we call it MFE - Multi Function Electrode. One side acts like a Supercapacitor (very fast charging), and the other is like a Lithium electrode (slow discharge). The electrolyte is modified as well with our nanobots in order to allow for the multifunction electrode to be effective .... we are aiming for the same capacity as a Li=on battery ... Self discharge is similar to Li-ion as well," said StoreDot CEO Doron Myersdorf in an interview with The Next Web.

Source- Wall Street Journal 

Meanwhile, you can check out StoreDot's demo video in detail.

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