Tizen Powered Gear Blink Release Hinted: Google Glass Rival Arriving Next Year?

By Prarthito

It's been quite a while since we first came across a Google Glass. What we saw at that time (both from reports and first hand experience) told us quite a bit about the future of wearable technology. But that was before smartwatches came into the mix. However, the 'eye-wear' tech is supposed to go a long way. And Samsung could soon be entering that market as well.


We have heard endless rumors on how Samsung is seeking to develop a Google Glass rival of its own. And those rumors have eventually pointed toward the coming of a certain Samsung Gear Blink. But we didn't know for sure. Now it seems like the Google Glass rival is quite real and kicking. In fact, it might also come around by next year, some say.

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Tizen Powered Samsung Gear Blink Could Arrive in 2015

Sources close to industry have spread the word on this. According to them, the Samsung Gear Blink will probably get launched in March 2015. Interestingly, this is around the same time the Galaxy S6 is also expected to hit the market. Being said that, the new S5 still has some dust to settle over it.


"The trademark number 4020140033123 in the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) refers to augmented reality to create a virtual keyboard that is projected onto your hands when viewed through the Glasses, making it possible for you to type using your hands, literally in thin air," a report from Tizen Experts explain.

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So basically, one of its best features could be to amplify augmented reality in order to project a virtual keyboard on the user's hands. This will allow the user to literally type in air. And with Samsung already patenting the tech, the final product shouldn't be far off either. Sorry! Nothing like the Iron Man tech we saw in the movie, though.

Although we are still hunting around for more information related to this new Google Glass rival, if a few earlier rumors related to the tech are to be believed, the device will come powered by Samsung's own OS known as Tizen. And, similar to you'll, we are waiting for someone to leak a physical render of it online.

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But the above patented image that you see is the only dough that you will get for the time being. But expect GizBot to keeps tabs on what's happening in this respect. Stay tuned!

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