Top 10 Best Wearable Gadgets of 2014

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This year, wearable devices experienced a big bang. 2014 will be remembered as the year of wearable technology. For the first time, the tech companies came up with unique ideas and concepts that were hard to imagine in the past few years.

Despite all the hype, wearable devices still have a lot to prove. Even today not everyone is convinced by the idea of wearing an intelligent watch. Apple Watch is undoubtedly an appealing gadget, but the Cupertino-based giant still needs to prove the real usability of such an expensive piece of tech.

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The smartwatch will be the leading product category and take an increasingly large share of wearable shipments, as predicted by analysts in the beginning of this year. However, a certain section believes that there's a scope beyond smart watches and fitness bands.

Of course they will remain popular, though we've already started seeing the emergence of new product categories within the wearable tech market. For instance, action cameras have emerged as a new product category within the growing wearable tech market. And the same can be said about the Virtual Reality headset market.

Perhaps the time has come when we should start exploring new product categories within the wearable technology space. Here's a quick look at the top ranked wearable devices of 2014.

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LG G Watch R

LG's G Watch R is a fantastic watch with excellent quality. It has a round screen, and offers luxurious design. The Android Wear-powered classic watch is high on design, but it's more expensive than the Moto 360, which can be purchased for Rs. 17,990. Unfortunately, LG has delayed the release of the G Watch R in India. Though, on the flip side, LG recently made its original G Watch affordable in India. The intelligent watch is now on sale for less than Rs. 8,000.

Carl Zeiss VR One

Samsung's Gear VR may seem tempting enough, but there are cheaper options available, too. For instance, Carl Zeiss is retailing its VR One for $99 or Rs. 6,300 in the US. Thus making it one of the cheapest Virtual Reality headsets you could think of buying. The VR One will eventually work with more any smartphone, provided it has a screen size between 4.7 and 5.2 inches in size. The VR One is yet to launch in India.

Microsoft Band

Microsoft's first step into the wearable market might have got cold response from critics and consumers alike. Despite all negative publicity, consumers are still anticipating the Microsoft Band to get available on the company's online store some day. It posses the sheer number of sensors that makes the fitness band better than the rest.

Apple Watch

While the verdict on the Apple Watch is still not out, there's a feeling that it could be a game changer device. With Apple planning to expand the reach of its Apple Pay service to India, Apple Watch has a potential to open a new chapter, just like they during the era of iPod.

Samsung Gear S

Just like your handset, Samsung's flagship Gear S can make calls and send messages independentl on its own. The Gear S also comes with various health tracking sensors, making the ultimate fitness watch on the market. The Gear S runs Samsung's own Tizen OS, which doesn't have many applications.

Pebble Smart Watch

It remains one of the best selling smart watch to date. The Pebble watch may look outdated, but there's a solid reason why consumers still prefer to buy this piece of tech vs. others. The Pebble watch is compatible with iOS and Android platforms; plus, it has got an amazing battery life. The original version of the watch is now available for $99 or Rs. 6,300.

Fitbit Flex

Despite being succeeded by the latest Fitbit Charge, the Flex still does really good job. There's no OLED, but it does include four LED lights for a quick-glance. The fitness tracking device is now available for less than $99 or Rs. 6,300.

Samsung Galaxy Fit

The hybrid band is an all-round device. The device has a gorgeous OLED touch display; it'll work with select Samsung Galaxy devices. The hybrid fitness tracker can be used as a full blown watch. The Samsung Galaxy Fit is priced at Rs. 8,000 in India.

Samsung Gear Circle

Samsung Gear Circle is a multi-purpose piece ear piece that connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth, so you can listen to music, plus make and receive calls. When the headphones aren't in use, they magnetically clip together to make a necklace that vibrates to alert you of a message or notification on your device. The device is now available at Rs. 5,599

Misfit Flash

Misfit Flash comes in bright colors, and can even worn on your wrist, round your neck, or clipped to your shirt. It tracks your steps, keeps a watch on your sleep patterns, among other things. This interesting wearable device is available for $50 or Rs. 3,150.

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

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