Top 8 Weird and Funny Gadgets Spotted at CES 2015

The International CES is an annual trade show honouring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products which takes place every January in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year's exhibition will showcase more than 20, 000 products on display, created by the brightest minds in the biz. Some are designed to make everyday life more convenient, and others are designed purely to spark your inner nerd with weird and wonderful gadgets.

With more than 3,600 exhibitors from 140 countries, nearly every hotel room in Vegas is booked up with nerds, celebrities, and nerdy-celebrities out to catch a glimpse at 2015's technological breakthroughs. Smart, flying, quirky... the line-up so far from this year's CES 2015 has given us a sneak peek into the technology of the future.

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With wearable technology and smart capability being popular themes in this futuristic year, many of what used to be the most boring objects in your home, are turning digital and are being presented at the internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show.

Here at GizBot, we have made a list of 8 gadgets, you might call them unsual, unique, funny or even weird which you might have not imagined in your wildest dream. Do have a look and be amazed.

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The Axxess CE Air2 floating bluetooth speakers

Have you ever wondered that you could actually think of using a device which would float on air and you would get the WOW! Feel? Well the Axxess CE Air2 floating Bluetooth speaker attracted a lot of attention, and the company claimed it to be the first Bluetooth speaker of its kind, hoavering over its base. The award-winning speaker is innovative and attractive for audiophiles looking for a new party trick or to showoff some cool tech funkyness.

Smart Bicycle Pedal

The Connected Cycle is a bicycle pedal that you attach to your existing cycle. This enables GPS and Internet using literal leg work. The technology is powered by the users' movement as they cycle, and sensors track speed, route, incline and calories. Still in its development stage, the pedal will allow riders to track their goals in an app and locate their bike's location at any time.

GIGL Smart Bottle

If you think that technology is above child's play, well then think again! The baby tech trend has has moved on at CES with products like the GIGL Smart Bottle, which monitors and provides instructions on feeding, to Temp Traq, a wearable wireless temperature monitor that sticks on like a band aid. The Mimo Baby monitor is a smart baby onesie, which is very much ideal for new parents. The onesie monitors respiration, skin temperature, body position, and sleeping and activity levels of your infant. The data is then sent to a smartphone app in real time. This means that parents can set up alerts to monitor changes, and they won't have to check on the baby throughout the night any more and sleep peacefully.

Toyota's ECO-friendly car

Toyota's big announcement this year is the reiteration of the company's faith in the viability of zero-emission fuel cell vehicles, which combine hydrogen and oxygen to create electricity to power a car. Whoa! The advantage of fuel cell technology over plug-in electric cars such as the Tesla Model S is that hydrogen refueling takes only three to five minutes, whereas recharging an electric car's batteries can take anywhere from 30 minutes to hours; however, the investment in plug-in technology has been significantly higher.

Smart Plant Pot

Parrot Pot is ideal for you notorious plant killers out there. The Bluetooth device can tell when your plant is thirsty and then water it for you. The pot is linked to mobile devices and can even monitor levels of fertilization and temperature, for those possessing more of a green thumb.

Heard of a edible 3D cookie?

For 3D systems, the technology has been an overnight success with 3D shoes, jewelry, makeup, and customized skateboards. 3D manufacturers have really harnessed the 3D capabilities in an amazing manner. Now 3D Systems, has launched their Chefjet and Cocojet food printers. Calling it "ideal for the baker or chocolatier," 3DS says the CocoJet prints custom designs in dark, milk or white chocolate, a perfect idea for the company's new partnership with The Hershey Company.

Veggie Green Box

Finally the XYZprinting Green Box is high tops the list "useable items". The Green Cube developed by Chinese company XYZ Printing is a hydroponic box that allows lettuce and other vegetable to grow anywhere in an accelerated growing climate. Fresh, locally grown veggies right in your own kitchen, availabe by Q1 of January!

Smart Excercise Chair

The Tao Chair allows you to achieve your 2015 fitness aims by not lifting a finger or lifting anything for a matter of fact. The exercise chair is designed to look like an ordinary lounging chair, but it turns leisure time into exercise time by helping the user with his or her core, improving posture and strengthening muscles. Sounds like a dream right? After sitting down, users push or pull against the chair's arms, forcing applied pressure and burning calories in return. All progress is tracked with the chair's built-in sensor and recorded on a smartphone app.

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