Will Apple's iWatch Look Anything Like This Device?

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There have been several concept images based on Apple's upcoming smartwatch. Designers have been flooding the Internet with their ideas, exciting Apple fans who are eagerly awaiting details on the device. Among the hundreds of concepts, Gizbot found one idea to be absolutely brilliant. It comes from a German designer called Thomas Bogner. Click here to see the device in action.

Will Apple's iWatch Look Anything Like This Device?

Frustrated with a new Nike Fuel Band that he recently purchased, Bogner began to list down the features that he'd like to see in a smartwatch. He then went on to design a version on his computer, filling it up with features and functions that were important to him.

He added that even though he loved the design of the Niki Fuel Band, he wanted it to be able to say more than just "Goal" on its display screen. So he retained the Fuel Band's design and gave the setup a much better screen, one that was capable of colors and more. Despite its minimal display real estate, the screen happens to be touch sensitive.

Users will be able to simply swipe in different directions to open up menus and navigate through the simple user interface. There are even provisions for controlling your phone's music player, reading short text messages and checking your email. Apart from that, the device can also offer several fitness features for those looking to use it to track their work outs.

Even though though there's very little information on what Apple's iWatch will look like, this concept image offers a massive dose of excitement.

In September, Samsung gave the world the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. However, given its price point and limited feature set, it won very little consumer interest. Apple will have to do things very differently if it is hoping to create substantial market interest for its smartwatches.

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