WoobleWorks All Set to Unveil World's First 3D Pen

By: Gizbot Bureau

A campaign has been kickstarted by WoobleWorks for the world's first 3-D printing pen. 3-D printers are too expensive and technically complex to be handled, but this new 3-D printing pen seems to be a better alternative that also fits the budget. The pen is based on the core functionality of a 3-D printer and is priced at $50 (Rs. 2800/- approx). The 3-D pen is capable of creating images of objects similar to that of 3D printer.

The pen, however, is much easier and cheaper compared to 3-D printers. The pen does not require a software support and users can draw whatever they like. The company says that it intended to create a 3D printing device which could be used easily without much effort, software, technical knowledge or computers.

WoobleWorks All Set to Unveil World's First 3D Pen

The company also said that it wanted to create a 3D printing object that is budget-friendly so that everyone can have fun with 3Doodler!

The group which designed the pen also plans to come out with significant stencils and templates. The artists of Etsy deserve special thanks for that. It is also said that a community will soon come into being where users can share their ideas and designs. The company also sends out a warning to its users that the 3Doodler is not a toy.

The tip of the pen is hot when it works and reaches a temperature of about 270 degree Celsius. The pen is powered by a 220 V or 110 Charger. The pen is made of plastic that is safe to touch and the company will also come out with safety videos. The device is compatible with PLA and 3mm ABS. The shipping of 3Doodler is expected to begin in September 2013.

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