Xiaomi Mi Band Hands On and First Look: The Common Man's Smartband That's Here to Stay

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Smartbands are the next big thing. And the current signs to denote that are very clear in modern day. Chinese handset maker Xiaomi may have garnered quite the popularity with its range of smartphones, but now the company has decided to enter the upcoming smartband scene with the uber cheap Xiaomi Mi Band.

The smartband scene is yet to boom into existence the way it wants to, but the way it's coming up in the modern day context is pretty amazing. And hence we see so many companies coming up to the front with their own smartband offerings.

Xiaomi Mi Band Hands On and First Look

Xiaomi's entry into the new smartband market holds a lot of promise, to say the least. While the market is still in its nascent stages, to arrive in it with such low price standards is nothing less than banging on war drums against all others harboring hopes to make an impact.

Xiaomi Mi Band Hands On and First Look

But while the pricing of the tablet ($13) is as less as ever, what are the apparent features that makes it such a great offering among all else in the market? Is it only its low price factor, or is there even more to it?

We recently spent a bit of time with the new smartband from Xiaomi and we liked what we saw in the device. Here's our exclusive hands on for the Mi Band smartband.

Xiaomi Mi Band Hands On and First Look

Xiaomi Mi Band Hands On and First Look: Form Factor

To begin with, the Mi Band from Xiaomi is quite light in weight. It's a curved device that has a plethora of neon colors associated to it, just to make the device bright and appealing for users.

In terms of what we have seen until now, the Xiaomi Mi Band offers a minimalistic look, but with brilliant features. It has a simplistic display, that's not dull at all. And as we mentioned before, interested users can grab this wearable fitness tracker in several colors, including blue, orange and bright pink.

Xiaomi Mi Band Hands On and First Look

This gadget comes water-resistant with an IP67 standard, so that you don't have to worry about all those occasional spills or a light drizzle when in the open. And as expected, it does an array of useful things that are really impressive.

In fact, Xiaomi has even considered users who might not be that intimidated by the designing of the Mi Band. For them, Xiaomi will also be releasing other variations of the smartband, including a leather band that will give the smartband a much more high-end look.

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