Your Movements Will Soon Be Able To Charge Your iPhone

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Researchers have now come out with a new device that can harness energy from human motion and use it to power electronic devices such as cell phones, cameras and tablets. Dubbed as Genno, this new product can charge a device with any movement type so that a user could purposefully shake it or simply drop it into his pockets while taking a stroll.

Your Movements Will Soon Be Able To Charge Your iPhone

"Genneo has created a revolutionary line of products that capture energy from walking, shaking or moving in other ways and turn it into charge for your phone and other portable electronics," according to the product description on Kickstarter, a crowd funding website. "These products are easy to carry and they capture energy as you move normally, storing that energy in their on-board battery," it said.

So how does it work? Slip the device into your pant pocket and got for a stroll. As you walk, the energy from each of your steps are converted into electrical power that's stored in a battery unit. The battery unit can then be plugged into portable electronic devices, this includes anything from your cell phones, to radios and and even GPS units.

The current and sole prototype has a life rating of about a 100 million steps. The idea behind the device is that it can charge your iPhone with just about 2.5 miles of walking.

After starting up SolePower a design project at Carnegie Mellon University, the entire team is now developing the technology through Pittsburgh-based startup incubator called AlphaLab. They aim at helping people in developing nations through a buy-one-send-one program.

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