5 Best Sony PlayStation 4 Games You Must Play in 2015

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Not long ago, Sony made the PlayStation 3 available to the world. And to date, it remains one of the most popular consoles, aside the Microsoft-made Xbox 360. Fast forward to the present day, the PlayStation 4 has already arrived and it's entralling the world the same way.

2014 has been big year for the video game industry. We have seen a host new gaming titles launched to test out the power that's been offered inside the PS4. Titles such as Far Cry 4, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and FIFA 14, all have made their mark in the industry.

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However, with the current year coming to a close soon, we are jumping into 2015 to find out what other big name titles are on the cards for the console. So here's a look at the 5 best gaming titles that are happening in 2015 for the PS4.

Note that this list might not be in tune with what you have in mind. But you are always welcome to leave your recommendations in the comments section below.

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Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman games are always a treat, irrespective of the platform you play it on, While, in our best belief, the last one in the series, Arkham Origins, never really lived up to the kind of expectations we as fans had, we are sure Arkham Knight will offer a nirvana to all of us lookig to play out as bats. Arkham Knight is set a year after the events of Arkham City with Scarecrow uniting all of Batman's enemies to take him down once and for all.

The Order: 1886

When we first saw the The Order: 1886 in action earlier this year, it blew our minds to see the entire industrial revolution being revisted in a way you might not have thought before. And with PS4 to support it, the title is all set to show off just how impressive games on the console can look. The game takes place in 19th century steampunk-inspired Victorian London. It follows an elite group of knights known as The Order as they battle threats both human and supernatural using some impressive firepower. The game will be out early February.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

If you haven't picked up a Witcher game to date, it's strongly recommended that you play the ones that are already released. And more so since the new Witcher in line is already set to surpass all others. Expect the monster-slaying Geralt of Rivia to be back in full flow with CD Projekt RED set to offer you the best looking Witcher game to date. The game is the final installment in the series and sees our hero dealing with the Northern Kingdom that's being invaded by the Nilfgaard Empire, alongside the otherworldly threat of the Wild Hunt.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

While controversies surrounding how Uncharted games pick up chunk of material from Indiana Jones movies run rife, none can deny the more than impressive gameplay the series offers. Now, the PS3's best action series is back with its fourth installment. But this time around, it's making the jump to PS4 with Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. The game is arriving exclusively for the PS4 console.

Mad Max

Avalanche Studios is set to live up to its name with the scheduled 2015 release of Mad Max, which is originally a tie-in to the upcoming movie Mad Max: Fury Road. We really don't know much about this one, but details for this massive sandbox reveals that it is indeed set in a post-apocalyptic world. Mad Max is coming out sometime in 2015.

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