A joystick based Game Pad from 60 beat launched

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A joystick based Game Pad from 60 beat launched

60 Beat, the accessories manager has brought out their new joystick based game pad for iOS based devices. This means gaming with iOS has been shifted to a level up. With the new joystick game pad it’s sure that one would be taken to the extreme possibilities of gaming in the same.

Now the question is why and what caused the sudden need for such a device or how far the user would go for such a device? There is only one answer which actually is a situation so disappointing the game freaks found in the present day gadgets like tablets, pads or phones. The manufacturers shows high interest in bringing high end gaming to their products but often doesn’t give much attention to the way the user is supposed to access such games or play it.

No matter how accurate and precise the device is designed to be a good gaming processor, the absence of a gaming console often decreases the entertainment with touch screen controls and simulated joy sticks. That leaks out the entire fun factor out of the program and surprisingly no one seemed to care the lack of interest game buffs showed towards some of the most respected games once they got introduces in smart phones and tablets. But that’s going to change now.

As a beginning the joy stick based game pad would find its use with the iOS devices. That’s good news to the iPad, iPhone and even the iPod touch owners all over the globe. Console like control is now possible with the new joystick game pad from 60 Beat. The device is basically a dual analogue joy stick based game pad which lets the user to just plug in to their iOS based devices. The rest is same as on a regular game playing with a conventional gaming console. The device surprisingly is provided with 10 action buttons and obviously a D pad for direction control of characters or locomotives in the game. This one for those who hate to thumb on to the joy sticks. Another advantage is its light weight due to the absence of a power unit or battery slot or batteries, making it highly portable.


Device category

Joy stick based gamepad

Utilities provided

10 action button and a D pad

Connecting jack

Via 3.5mm audio jack

Power unit/ Battery support



For the time being, the device is available in the US markets only at a price of $49.99. It is reported that the company is planning to ship it to India where they will be sold on a price of Rs 3,500.

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