A new Play Station 2 Eye Toy bundle for Indian market

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A new Play Station 2 Eye Toy bundle for Indian market

Gaming admirers in India have good news! Sony introduced a new Play Station 2 Eye Toy bundle. 3-in-1, that is what Sony plans to deliver to gaming lovers with this new bundle. You will get 3 interesting things in one bundle. 

The most attracting gadget within this bundle is of course the PlayStation 2 console, one of the most popular gaming consoles ever launched in the Indian market. The next interesting one with this bundle is an eye toy camera. To add to these two interesting elements, the bundle also includes a copy of the popular game, Eye Toy: Play 3. 

Sony also introduced several other Eye Toy games just for Rs.499/-. Some of these new games include Astro Zoo, Play, Play Sports and Play 2. Play 3 is the latest one in this series. Sony has included a free version of Play 3 in the bundle and this new version comes with a lot of interesting games. This include Volleyball, Maestro, Beauty Salon, Touchdown, DJ, Ghost Grab, Boot Camp, Be the Band, Kitty Loves Me, Bowling, Monkey Rampage, and Athletics. Sony commented that most of these games were especially focussing 8-12 year kids. 

Real time movement tracking and motion gaming are the highlights of this latest Sony PlayStation 2 EyeToy Bundle. Actions on the gaming screen can be controlled by motions thus offering an overall interactive gaming experience. The product was meant to introduce a new gaming experience for the kids in this holiday season.

The popularity of the entry level Play Station is expected to improve with the new idea of a bundle. Sony revealed that the inclusion of EyeToy games was done to specifically target Indian consumers. Sony expects that this will result in faster adoption of this gaming bundle among the Indian families. 

PlayStation 2 EyeToy bundle will hit the gaming market at an affordable price tag of Rs.5,990/-. Gaming fans are really thrilled as Sony came up with a new gaming bundle with a lot of interesting features that too at a comfortable price tag. Sony officials also commented on its PlayStation 2 as the best selling gaming console in the Indian gaming market.

This seems true as they were out with PlayStation 2 about 12 years back and is able to still maintain its popularity though many other consoles got introduced to the market like Xbox 360. This is solely due to its comfortable price tag and the inclusion of interesting features specifically designed for Indian gaming lovers.

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