Amazing Alex has over 3,500 levels!

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Amazing Alex has over 3,500 levels!

The non-Angry Birds release of Rovio, Amazon Alex game was much anticipated. It was released a few days back for over 12 platforms. The game has managed to top the list.

It seems to be a tradition of Rovio, similar to the Angry Birds. The Amazon Alex is the best selling iPhone game in around 35 countries. The HD version of the game is available for a price of $2.99. Still, it is the best selling iPad app in over 50 countries.

The success and excitement is not restricted only to the downloads. The game comes with 100 levels but, the players can make and share more levels. In less than a couple of days, the players of Amazing Alex have managed to generate over 3,500 levels.

If you think you are late, download the Amazing Alex game and enjoy playing. For iOS, it is available in both regular and HD versions for $0.99 and $2.99 respecitively. For Android, it is available in three versions. An ad support copy for free, an ad free versions for $0.99 and an HD version for $2.99.

Rovio Mobile has announced that they are working on a Windows Phone version, a Mac version and a PC version of the game. These will also be released soon.

Why are you waiting? Simply download and attempt to create more levels of gameplay. How many levels did you manage to create? Tell us in the comments below.

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