Amazon Gaming Controller For Android-Powered Set-Top Box Leaks Online

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Amazon has been enjoying its winning streak with the success of Kindle-range of tablets and eReaders. Now, with an expertise built around making money by selling hardware and services, the world's largest online retailer is expected to launch a gaming console.

Rumors have been swirling on the internet that Amazon will release a set-top box cum gaming console that will stream content and play games too.

Today, updated information in respect to Amazon's gaming console has sparked gamers' interest in the yet-to-be announced device. Apparently, the long rumored console surfaced with series of leaked images of console's controller.

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Amazon Gaming Controller For Android-Powered Set-Top Box Leaks Online

The alleged image of system's controller looks similar to an Xbox One controller. It's an average looking controller with dual sticks, face buttons and triggers. It also features three media playback buttons on the bottom face, menu buttons at the top, and a central button with a symbol resembling that of Amazon's GameCircle achievement. The controller uses standard AAA batteries and standard Bluetooth connectivity.

Earlier reports in the past have claimed that the home console will cost less than $300 (Rs. 18,900), making it $100 cheaper than the current generation gaming consoles, notably, Sony PlayStation 4 ( $400) and the Microsoft Xbox One ( $500).

Reportedly, the console will be powered by a customized version of Google's Android OS, just like other Kindle tablet devices. Users won't be able to download games and apps via Play Store, instead one will need to rely on Amazon app store. Moreover, the device might get announced later this month or early next month.

In 2013, the $99 (Rs. 6300) Ouya console, which also runs on Android, made its debut. Despite its low price, the device unable to deliver stellar experience in comparison to big-ticket consoles.

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