Angry Birds movie trailer [Video]

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Can you believe that an app developed for the smartphones and tablets is going to be filmed into a movie? The whole thing is a spoof. Its in fact cute to see the comments on the web about this. Its done so well that people think its real. Already, we have mentioned that the game will be coming as cartoon series.

For the Angry Birds addicts out there, it must be an exciting cooked up story. It is an educational game as it needs a lot of logic, basic understanding of physical terms like trajectory, gravity, momentum and speed.

Developers, scientists and other smart people call the Angry Birds, a physics based trajectory app. For some others its a slingshot game. If you are one who hasn't played it, then as per the statistics you hardly play any game.

Angry Birds is the most downloaded app of the year 2011. In March, the company launched the Angry Birds Space, a new version of the app for all the platforms. Enjoy the video of Angry Birds movie trailer!

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