Angry Birds Space: Red planet Teaser Video Released [Video]

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Angry Birds Space: Red planet Teaser Video Released [Video]

Rovio, the company behind the widely popular Angry Birds game have released a new teaser to promote its upcoming game Angry Birds Space: Red Planet. The updated version of the Angry Birds Space game is expected to arrive by end of August. The teaser uses the backdrop of the recent visit to the mars by NASA’s Curiosity rover. The gamers can see the rover landing on the red planet and to its surprise sees a lego type structure in a crater. As the camera zooms back an angry bird stands right next to the camera.

What can we expect in this new game?

According to reports, Rovio is planning to include more levels, abilities and tricks in the newer versions of the game. Users will also be able to take up the role of pigs in the future versions of the game. However it is not clear if these features will be present in the upcoming game, Angry Birds Space: Red Planet. Angry Birds Space has already crossed over 100 million downloads recently and it is still not confirmed whether the update to the game will arrive free of cost. The game which was launched in March this year has already clocked 100 million downloads within three months of its release.

What is the storyline?

Angry Birds Space follows an interesting story line. After their eggs are stolen by a giant claw, Angry Birds chase it into a wormhole and boom they are found floating in a strange new galaxy which is inhabited by space pigs. The rivalry takes a new form and the eternal fight continues. The new Red Planet will take it a step further with Mars as the battle field. We will have to wait and see how the next addition to this addictive game series manages to woo the audience. You can view the teaser from below.

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