Angry Birds: Star Wars Hoth Levels for Windows Phone 8 Out Now

By: Gizbot Bureau

Android and iOS users were luckier compared to Windows Phone users, for receiving the new level updates for Star Wars edition regularly. Windows phone users were forced to wait to get the Star Wars edition on their handsets. Reportedly, Windows phone users can now rest easy as Rovio Entertainment reportedly announced that Windows phone 8 users will now have an update featuring the icy planet of Hoth, as a new level.

Angry Birds: Star Wars Hoth Levels for Windows Phone 8 Out Now

Two Hoth updates were already made available to iOS and Android users, but Windows phone 8 users had to wait another whole month. The new Angry Birds: Star Wars Hoth update for Windows phone users packs the last two updates of Hoth levels as well. The new update will have 40 levels and a few additional bonus levels. But the hoth levels will be locked by default as the game requires players to finish all the remaining levels that include Tatooine, Jedi Trials on Dagobah and the Death Star levels, to unlock Hoth.

The Angry Birds series of games from Rovio Entertainment is now one of the most popular mobile gaming platform titles, and the Star Wars edition is the latest venture of the series. After waiting for about two and a half months, Windows phone 8 users finally get to have a go at the icy plains of the planet Hoth, in the Angry Birds: Star Wars edition. The game is apparently worth the wait, as it's already one of the most downloaded apps in Android and iOS.

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