Apple App Store Flooded With Candy Games in Protest of Trademark

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If you have been hooked on to the very popular Candy Crash Saga on both your smartphone and Facebook page, it's needless to mention exactly how easily it has taken to a massive fan following over the months. However, following this new found popularity, it seems like developer King has applied for and won a trademark suit to own the name "Candy" related to anything that has to do with gaming. Naturally, this has created a lot of unrest among its competitors.

In order to protest the new trademark suit, according to reports, Apple's App Store has recently been flooded with about 100 different gaming titles that are themed as "Candy" games.

Apple App Store Flooded With Candy Games in Protest of Trademark

This new protest has been organized by the Candy Jam website, with the idea being that from now until February 3, a number of developers will build games (directed toward the trademark issue) to fight against King's newly won trademark petition.

Now, in order to protect themselves from potential problems from King (and its lawsuits), these developers are making use of alternate names such as "CanD", "CanDieCanDieCanDie", "ThisGameIsNotAboutCandy", and more.

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The site dedicated to the cause states that it has been created "Because trademarking common words is ridiculous, because ethics matter and because it gives us an occasion to make another game jam."

The site adds: "They have trademarked the word "Candy" in Europe and are waiting for approval in the US. In other words, this trademark will allow them to prevent rip-offs of THEIR rip-offs!?"

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However, irrespective of what's happening elsewhere due to the new trademark issue, King is still pursuing legal action against anyone who will look to use any of the words covered via the trademark.

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