Apple, Google Rejecting Cloned Flappy Bird Titles

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The initial popularity of the previous massively downloaded title Flappy Bird from Vietnamese developer Nguyen Ha Dong and its eventual demise (a victim of its own success) may have happened faster than expected, but in that small time the game has garnered enough popularity to drive people crazy. And although the game is now gone, other independent developers are trying to attain the same status with their own Flappy Bird-inspired games which haven't really amused the likes of Google and Apple.

Now, according to reports, both Apple and Google are having a tough time cracking down on new games that are trying to mimic the previously released Flappy Bird. Apparently, the companies are now rejecting anything with 'Flappy' mentioned in the title.

Apple, Google Rejecting Cloned Flappy Bird Titles

Both the dedicated app stores for Google and Apple have recently been overflowing with a number of cloned Flappy Bird-ish titles after the original game was previously pulled down from both Android and iOS app stores after the developer complained about the kind of effect all the craze and excitement surrounding his game was having on his personal life.

On Friday, Mind Juice Media studios' Ken Carpenter tweeted that his game Flappy Dragon was rejected by Apple. The company told him "we found your app name attempts to leverage a popular app." Later, after that initial tweet from Carpenter, several developers also responded saying that they had seen or experienced similar responses from both Apple and Google.

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"I had included a sentence about Flappy Dragon being the best flappy game now that Flappy Bird was dead," Carpenter told The Verge. However, when he submitted the game a second time with the description removed, it was again rejected.

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Later, he was finally able to get the game on Google Play by changing the name to Derpy Dragon.

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