Batman: Arkham Knight Coming February 2015: 5 Striking Reasons Why You Should Play the Game

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Everyone likes Bats! Be it your regular Christian Bale-starred thrillers or the popular DC comics, there's no hiding the fact that Mr. Bruce Wayne AKA Batman has been one of the major crowd pullers over the years, in terms of superheroes. And simply because he does have any kind of super-powers on him, makes him even more special and human.

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As always, we have our fingers crossed on the massive expectations we have from the upcoming Batman game in the Arkham series. Dubbed Arkham Knight, the new game sees the events set one year after 2011's Batman: Arkham City and follows Batman as he confronts the Scarecrow.

But is that all that's in the game (apart from its promising gameplay and ground-breaking AI offering)? Here are 5 reasons why you should be playing the new Batman game on release.

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Fear Takedown

As far as a Batman game is concerned, takedowns are anyway quite tough. And especially when the thugs are armed to the bone with guns and baseball bats. But this around, Rocksteady Studios has introduced a brand new feature called the Fear Takedown maneuver. All Batman needs to do is line up his targets within his sights, and with a single button press, swiftly launches into action only to beat up his enemies senseless.

Newly Done Batmobile

While Batman always had his peace restored to him on the move via his brilliant Batmobile, the new game see this vehicle get some customized love for an even meaner looking machine. This baby can ramp through walls and even glide in the air, for starters.

Evolved Dive Bombing

If the previously introduced dive bombing feature, where our hero temporarily falls towards the ground for a few seconds before swooping back up, interested you, know that it's been made better in Arkham Knight. This time around, you can make your jump from even higher altitudes. Like that of a skyscraper.

The Tech Only Gets Better

If not anything else, Batman is known for his impressive collection of tools and weapons that are meant for nearly all kinds of uses. With the Arkham Knight, the dark knight can now throw Batarangs in the air and use it as a hook to climb the rooftop. And if you are a big Batman and Arkham series fan, the new toys are sure to give you a thrill.

Baddest Bad Guy.. Ever!

If you know your superheroes and the entire DC vs Marvel thing, you will surely agree with the fact that Bats has to face few of the worst villains in the entire comic book fraternity. Not are these guys evil, they are demented and twisted. However, the new game introduces the worst of them all with a dark vigilante called the Arkham Knight who seeks justice and holds a grudge against Batman.

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