Battlefield 3: Aftermath DLC Now Available on Play Station 3

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Battlefield 3: Aftermath DLC Now Available on Play Station 3

Battlefield 3’s latest DLC is out, named Aftermath. To mark the release, DICE has come up with a trailer showing some of its exciting gameplay, based on the maps in the DLC Aftermath. 

DICE has stated that Aftermath will soon feature a new mode of game called, Scavenger, born out of the theme of Aftermath itself. Interesting and new possibilities were revealed in the trailer such as a good pilot being able to fly through half-demolished buildings. Some of the gameplay features the newest weapon to the fold, the crossbow.

The crossbow is treated as a very versatile weapon with its functions ranging from killing a person to destroying helicopters. The advantage of this weapon for survivors is that any scope can be attached to it and also various kinds of bolts can be used for it. 

Aftermath is now made available only for premium subscribers of Battlefield 3 on Playstation 3. Xbox 360 and PC gamers will have to wait for it until December. 

The DLC places huge importance on the maps. Exploring the map effectively and discovering equipments to assist you in survival is paramount. Aftermath will feature four new maps- Epicentre, Azadi Palace, Markaz Monolith and Talah market. 

Epicentre was a huge traffic centre before the earthquake hit, and is currently heavily destroyed as it was close to the earthquake’s epicenter. Azadi Palace consists of a parliament building in a vast landscape giving rise to two types of battle, one within the building and the other outside. Markaz Monolith was previously a financial district and now has a tower at the center which is in a state of shambles. Finally, the Talah market is a village on the outskirts featuring old architecture. 

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