Battlefield 3 Final Pack ‘End Game’ Details Revealed

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Electronic Arts and DICE have been supporting Battlefield 3 games with DLC for more than a year now which has made it a pretty smooth ride for gamers. However, Battlefield3 will soon be wrapped up with its final pack known as ‘End Game'. The DLC is expected to be released sometime in March 2013. But some details regarding the exciting new pack are already out triggering a premature adrenaline rush among the hard core gamers out there.

It has been mentioned in the official site of the game that four new maps will be added in End Game. Designed for high speed action and combat, the maps will house three vehicles that are exclusively meant for facilitating such game moves. It sounds as though these AA vehicles are strong enough to take down the air support of the enemies from the ground. In addition, players can also look forward to a brand new dirt bike.

Battlefield 3 Final Pack ‘End Game’ Details Revealed

Capture the Flag mode sees a return in this version which also features an airship. The airship can be used to provide support to teammates for vehicle drops. The price of the DLC pack is currently unknown for those who have not subscribed to Battlefield Premium. The other DLC's had been priced around Rs. 850/-, so this is the expected price in this case too.

If you have already subscribed to Battlefield Premium, gear up to get the DLC pack first. The pack is expected to be available to PS3 Premium owners first and then will be made available to the other folks owning PC player or Xbox 360.

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