Black Ops 2 Revolution Reportedly Launching on January 29

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Black Ops 2 has restored faith in the power of the franchise to stay on top of the game (literally) in entertainment industry. Call of Duty has become so intimately linked to the wide array of downloadable map packs available now.

However, until now, all the players had at their disposal were those that had been shipped with the game Black Ops 2.A couple of images that had been leaked online recently indicate that the gamers would not have to wait for long.

Revolution DLC will soon be available, rumored to be on January 29, bringing forth new arenas as well as weapons. The Map Pack DLC will likely hit Xbox 360 first.

Black Ops 2 Revolution Reportedly Launching on January 29

Treyarch hopes to surprise the gaming community in which a considerable chunk follows Black Ops 2. A few promotional images that have recently appeared over at Reddit give a few details about the new map Pack DLC. There will be a bonus weapon as well as five new maps.

The maps are Hydro, Grind, Downhill, Mirage and Die Rise. Hydro is in the vicinity of a hydroelectric dam, Grind is set in a skate park filled with graffiti, Downhill is an arctic locale, Mirage is set in an East-Asian background and Die Rise is the location of the game's Zombie mode which shows off an urban setting post-apocalypse.

According to promotional materials, the launch of the new Revolution DLC will be in January 29 of 2013 with the first launch exclusively for Xbox 360.

Pricing and other details are unknown as of now but Treyarch and Activision might soon come up with more promo materials screenshots and trailers very soon. Black Ops 2 is currently available for Xbox 360, Wii U, PS3 and PC.


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