Blizzard fixes the bug in Warcraft game; Prevents Hackers to Massacre Hundreds of Characters

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Blizzard fixes the bug in Warcraft game; Prevents Hackers to Massacre Hundreds of Characters

Developer of popular game MMO World of Warcraft, Blizzard has fixed the exploit which hackers used to massacre hundreds of playable and non-playable characters in the game. The exploit came into the notice of the developer only two days ago when a group of hackers used the level one players to kill off other players in World of Warcraft towns. The company responded timely to the issue and delivered a fix for the exploit within 2 days time. 

Few players who were active in the game at the time recorded the deaths and uploaded the video on Youtube. The video can be viewed here. One can see several in-game characters dropping dead all of a sudden in some towns in the video. One of the hackers was tracked down by Eurogamer. When asked about the event, the hacker responded by saying that no permanent damage has been done to the game.

He added that people should blame Blizzard for not fixing the issue in time. He also said that his team has done nothing to ruin the economy in the game which could have been done by distributing gold coins to everyone’s inventory. 

Blizzard recently released Mists of Pandaria, an expansion pack for the World of Warcraft. The pack allows players belonging to Alliance and Horde to visit the lost continent of Pandaria and explore what is out there. Mists of Pandaria expansion packs are available for Windows and Mac at a price tag of $39.99(approximately Rs. 2,100). 

Although Bizzard had previously announced that purchasing the extension pack is not necessary for playing the new Pandaran race, one of the highlight features of Mists of Pandaria. Previously released races included the Blood Elves, the Worgen, the Draenei and the Goblins. Blizzard has informed that it will soon unlock all the races so that they can be played by all including those who haven’t purchased the extension packs.

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