Candy Crush Saga Simplified: 7 Essential Tips and Tricks for Smoother Experience

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At this point of time it's basically baseless to educate you on what Candy Crush Saga is actually all about. To keep it short and precise, it's only one of the most massively played games of 2013 - the popularity of which has been carried over to the new year - over a wide array of devices and, of course, Facebook.

While the game, even with its simple gameplay and visual content, has been one of the most addictive games of the last year, there are a few areas in the game that can still be confusing to a lot of players as they open up certain challenges that can be a bit tricky to initially understand and eventually master.

However, when you end up playing the game as frequently as we did over the past few months, there's a huge chance that you will subconsciously bump into a number of hidden facts about the game that can make a world of difference to you overall experience when applied - although it's important that you actually bump into them in the first place.

Candy Crush Saga: 7 Essential things to remember

Nonetheless, if you are yet to reveal any of those 'little' secrets in the game that you can use to your advantage, fret not as we have the perfect solution in store for you. You will find below a dedicated list of tips and tricks that you can take advantage of while in the game. They are as follows:

Sound Planning
Even though the game looks quite simple in terms of gameplay and visuals, there's more to it than it actually meets the eye. And since the game is essentially tagged under the Puzzle genre, it's absolutely important that you plan on your moves beforehand, rather than losing on your default set of lives.

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For example, you can pause between moves to calculate your next set of actions. Remember that if even though a lesser move to get the candies crushed is always an option, it's even a greater bliss if you can hunt down the difficult moves and deal with them in the beginning. More difficulty equals more brainpower and, of course, more points.

Importance of Striped Candies
If any of you remember playing the age old Tetris game or even the new age Peggle (for Xbox 360), you will notice that all these titles - including Candy Crush Saga - have one thing in common: All of them will offer you that one certain tile or peg (candy is this case) that will fetch you more points than others. So its absolutely important that you utilize these special bonuses wisely and not just spend it as soon as they appear. Think, combine and execute, and you will be treated to an even bigger score.

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Clearing Level with Moves Left
It's actually a no-brainer that you will be treated to extra points or credits if you end an in-game level before time or with moves left, and Candy Crush is no different. Here, if you can complete a level with extra moves to spare, there's a big chance that you will hit on a bigger score. Remember, more moves to spare equals more points up for grabs.

Extra Lives by Cheating time
While a number of fans have already taken massively to the game, the player base varies in every instance. For example, you may play the game only on your mobile phone and not via your Facebook account, and vice versa. However, if you indeed play the game on your cell phone, there's a certain trick that you can utilize to attain extra lives.

All you have to do is set the clock in you device a couple of hours ahead, and then relax and play the game normally. You just need to head over to Settings - General - Date & Time - Set Time Off - Set Date and Time, and once you get there, just add two hours more to the existing time to get four extra lives. It is also important that you understand the difference in time by changing the time from PM to AM if you are following the procedure past midnight.

Importance of Fish Candies
It is quite important to understand the significance of Fish candies in the game as they are quite important since they work on any remaining jelly that's currently out of your reach in the level. You will do a world of good to you overall gameplay experience if you save them for the last and you will get to witness how these certain candies can become your biggest ally, as far as fast level completion is concerned.

Utilizing +5 Candy
If you don't know this already, the +5 Candy feature can be utilized to attain extra time. You will just need to make sure that you have a candy crush chain with +5 on any level in the game and this will automatically add another extra five seconds to a time trial level in the game.

Jelly on the Edge
It is absolutely essential to know that the jellies on the edge on the screen or the box will create the most problems for you, especially the ones located in the corners and bottoms. Disappointingly, these jellies come with the least number of combinations and it becomes difficult to get rid of them. So take your time in analyzing how you can reach to the ones in the edge and, if possible, locate the easier ones to get rid of first.

So there you have it. A complete know-how to the things to keep in mind that will surely push your Candy Crush experience to a whole new level.

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