Classic Pac-Man Game Now Available for Free on Android, Coming Later to iOS

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Pac-Man is a legendary game that has withstood the test of time. This time-less classic has been around for more then 30 years, now and it never seems to become old. Although there have been a few remakes and squeals, the basic game-play remains the same.

Classic Pac-Man Game Now Available for Free on Android

Pack-Man was originaly named with Japanese title - Pakkuman, which is inspired by the Japanese onomatopoeic slang phrase, paku-paku taberu. Paku-paku describes the sound made by the mouth, opening wide and closing in succession.

In resent news Namco have released the game to the Android mobile platform as part of it's Pac-Man +Tournaments app. The free to play game offers two gameplay modes -

Classic Arcade mode: Same as the original game, with which the world fell in love.

Tournament mode: brand new Tournament mode featuring constantly updated mazes, performance based score multipliers, Dozens of new Bonus Items, New color schemes and more. Tournament ranking system and cumulative scores that allow users to see every point you've ever earned, should make the game that much more addictive. Off-course the gameplay remains true to the classic apart from the new multiplayer feature.

The game, so far has been getting good reviews from users and is available for free download at Google Play. The game is expected to make way to iOS as well.

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