Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Official Trailer Unveiled [Video]

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Official Trailer Unveiled [Video]

A brand new trailer for the online first-person shooter game Counter Strike: Global Offensive has been released by Valve. According to reports, the game will be released for multiple platforms by next week and will become the first Counter Strike release in eight years.

The company has used Source Filmmaker to produce the cinematic trailer and according to company sources, the game will feature enhanced content including new characters, maps and game modes. Further, the game will also support matchmaking and leader boards. For prioritizing matching players with skills, an Elo rating system is included for calculating the skills of players in two player games.

The trailer shows very little information regarding the game play of Counter Strike. Character animations resemble those from the previous versions. One character is seen holding “dual elite” pistols as the camera pans on terrorists. Although the staple “fire in the hole” phrase when counter terrorists throw a flash bang is missing in the trailer.

A cross platform multiplayer between Windows, Mac OS X and Playstation was previously planned. Later it was decided to limit the new version to PC and Mac only for the time being. The PS3 version however offers 3 control methods: Dual shock 3 controller, Playstation Move, USB Keyboard/Mouse.

The game will arrive with interesting modes like Bomb defusal, Hostage rescue, Arms race and Demolition. The game modes Arms race and Demolition are being collectively referred to as Arsenal Mode. These game modes are based on the widely popular gun game mode for Counter Strike and Counter Strike Source.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive will hit the markets on August 21.The game will be available on Windows, OS X,PS3 Via Playstation network and on Xbox via Xbox Live Arcade. For the meantime, checkout the dramatic trailer below:

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