Crysis 3 Release Date: Big Announcement Just Few Hours Away

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The video game developer Crytek, has revealed that Crysis 3 is all set for a big announcement on January 23. The company had earlier posted some of the images of the game in its Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Crysis 3 is an eagerly awaited game by millions of fans who enjoyed the episodes of 7 wonders of Crysis 3 web series. The image posted by developer Crytek shows the main character of the game, a prophet in his Nanosuit. "Get Ready" is the aptly inscribed message on the image.

Other details of the game are not revealed yet. Crysis3 will be available for Ps3, PC and Xbox 360 from February 19 in North America. The European audience will receive the same only on February 22.

Crysis 3 Release Date: Big Announcement Just Few Hours Away

It is still not clear what the company's announcement will be about, but the chances are high that the company might use the opportunity to kick off the game's beta phase which was rumored earlier. The beta version of Crysis 2 was well received in the multi-player mode and there are chances that the company could follow the same for its next game too. The new Crysis3 set to be launched on Wednesday could be a demo for the game which is to be released in February.

The game features a Prophet who returns to the city of New York following visions of a possible catastrophe to affect the future of mankind. The Prophet is determined to battle against the alien Celph and the corrupt Cell Corporation. The Crysis3 players are equipped with high-end weapons to adapt and attack. The details of the game can be found here.

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