Crysis 3 Release Date: FPS Video Game to Hit North America and Europe in February

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The First Person Shooter (FPS) video game is the most awaited from Crytek and EA. A long wait has come to an end with Crytek announcing the releasing date for the upcoming sequel of Crysis. Crysis will arrive on February 19 in North America and February 22 in Europe.

The upcoming Crysis Sequel is the first person shooter game in action with rich visual elements. This game features Nanosuit soldiers quest for brutal revenge and for rediscovering humanity. Crysis 3 is a shooter game designed with stunning visuals delivered with the help of Crytek and CryEngine.

Crysis 3 Release Date: FPS Video Game to Hit North America and Europe

Along with the releasing date of the Crysis3, Electronic Arts has also announced that they have roped in renowned director Albert Hughes for their upcoming online video series called "The Seven Wonders of Crysis3". This new series will introduce the players to several new things such as shooting, enemies, game play features and locations. The director is known for directing the games- From Hell, Dead Presidents and American Pimp.

What do you require to play the game in a PC?

The PC requirement s is a DirectX11- compatible graphics card, a dual core processor, and2 GB RAM. It should be 3GB RAM for Windows Vista. The XP users are left without a choice other than getting their Operating Systems upgraded.

Can't wait for the releasing date?

You can now place a pre-order for Crysis3 and you will get an original digital copy even before the releasing date. Place the order now to get a digital copy ofthe original Crysis that Electronic Arts is offering.

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