Custom Super Angry Birds controller Coming Soon

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Custom Super Angry Birds controller Coming Soon

Custom Super Angry Birds Controller is definitely on the cards. An add-on is developed by two post graduate students doing research at Copenhagen Institute of Interactive Design for the Angry Birds game. The add-on is designed to provide the bird with capabilities to control the angle and power of each of the shots.

With the implementation of the add-on, the special power of the bird can be activated by means of a TNT Plunger. Basically this controller is a desk mounted catapult featuring an attached TNT cube. The controller is embedded with separate controllers for triggering each of the bird’s special power.

The developers of the Custom Super Angry Birds Slingshot Controller are already in discussions with Rovio, the developer of Angry birds for implementing this prototype for the future versions of Angry Birds game. The names of the developers of this latest controller are Andrew Spitz and Hideaki Matsui.

Perhaps, the controller may be included in the official version of the Angry Birds game. There is a long standing tradition of including game peripherals such as joy sticks, light guns, drum kits, dance mats and power gloves. The super Angry birds slingshot controller almost resembles us of iCade which is a miniature arcade cabinet designed for iPad. However, it remains to be seen whether Rovio will show the courtesy to include this superb gaming peripheral for its Angry Birds game official version.

Angry Birds is considered to be one of the most popular games available as of now across the gaming market. The game has already started aging but has kept its user base increasing by making slighter changes and making frequent updates to its versions. The game has a significant number of followers and is available for download from major gaming websites online.

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