Cyber Snipa's new game pad V2 gaming keyboard

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Cyber Snipa's new game pad V2 gaming keyboard

Cyber Snipa has recently launched their latest gaming peripheral Game Pad V2 gaming keyboard. This device are meant for those hardcore gamers who would like to get an enhanced gaming experience.

Gamers may be familiar with the fact that a regular keyboard or mouse cannot provide them with full end gaming experience and it is solely because of the fact that they are not designed and built for gaming purpose. So the best option will be to rely on professional gaming peripherals like this. They not only allow them to take gaming to the next level but also help them to get an edge over their competitors.

This device is gaming keyboard dubbed as Game pad V2. It looks nothing like an ordinary keyboard but you may mistake it for a calculator at first. So you won’t be able to use it for normal typing operations. Only the very necessary control buttons are provided and there is a number pad in it. Other than that there are the basic navigation keys and control buttons.

The keys are arranged in a very interesting design and the navigation keys re given a contrast blue colour. The rest of the keyboard has a black colour scheme with white markings and a few grey coloured keys. There is sufficiently large space where you can rest your palms while gaming and this would result in very good precision control.



  • Little to no learning curve required

  • Cool blue LED under-lighting with convenient On/Off button

  • Built-in volume control

  • Designed specifically for the FPS (First Person Shooters) gaming environment

  • Greatly improves game control, speed, and accuracy, even for veteran players

  • 100% Plug and Play, no complicated software or drivers required

  • Works with most FPS games that use the standard WASD control layout, and all FPS games with programmable key mappings

  • Optimally engineered tactile key feedback and control ergonomics

  • Detachable non-slip wrist rest


  • Keys: 37 Control + 2 Volume

  • Connector: USB

  • System Requirements:

    • Ports: 1 x Free USB Port

    • Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7

The keys can be configured according to the game played. The keyboard is designed in such a way that it can be used equally well by right handed or left handed users. The keys have a very good feel to them and are ideal for long hours of gaming and for playing first person shooter games.

The price tag of Game pad V2 keyboard is not known as of now.

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