Dark Souls 2 Official Trailer Released: Comes to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC [Video]

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A new trailer of the game Dark Souls 2 was released by From Software. The trailer only gives the story-line of the game play and does not suggest any changes contemplated by the company. The gameplay places deeper emphasis on the story and there are formidable monsters and dingy caves to be explored.

The minute details of the game are not known except for the platforms it is to be released. From software announced the game during the Spike VGAs, where the trailer of the game also made its debut. Xbox 360 and Play Station3 along with the PC would receive the game as announced by Namco Bandai.

Dark Souls 2  Official Trailer Released [Video]

The development of the gameplay is managed by From Software, along with Hidetaka Miyazaki, the series creator and Tomohiro Shibuya, the director known for the Monster Hunter Series. The game play will be a sure-shot entertainment posing new challenges and struggles making the series a promising one.

From software had launched its PC version of the game in the name Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition. The game which was originally designed to be a console exclusive was converted to a PC compatible format following the petitions to Namco Bandai asking for the PC version. The company is new to the PC format of the games and this resulted in numerous flaws in the game. The PC version is probably noteworthy only for the fact that it gives you new bosses to get into fights with and a better frame rate.

The game Dark Souls 2 is extremely difficult being a sequel to Play Station 3- exclusive RPG, Demon Souls. The players should be careful to stop themselves and monitor the environment before being destroyed by the monster. Both the games have severe punishments for death.

These games allow multiplayer modes too. You can allow other players see you fight monsters and die if you are connected to the internet. The other players can also help you kill your enemy or they may turn enemies themselves and kill you. The game does not contain any inherent messaging system on the ground to inform other players about a foe up ahead or requesting for an aid.

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