Dead Island: Riptide Teaser and Screenshots are Out

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Dead Island: Riptide Teaser and Screenshots are Out

Dead Island was one of the most impressive games released last year. However due to some flaws in the gameplay, the game failed to make a mark on the minds of avid gamers. All those flaws are expected to be compensated in the sequel for the game titled Dead Island : Riptide. A new teaser trailer has been released by the game developer Techland to keep gamers hooked on to the sequel.

The saga continues

The story of Riptide will proceed from where the original Dead Island left. The escape of the four heroes of the game is put to halt by a tropical storm. They find themselves grounded in the island of Palanai in the company of ferocious zombies. Following this is the fight for survival. The new zombies have got special type of mutations. Techland has also informed that the game will be getting a fifth playable character.

The game

For those who are not familiar with the Dead Island game scenario, it is a zombie survival game set on a tropical island. Gamers could play from the perspective of one of the four characters. Their aim will be to kill zombies lurking in the island and save people in the process. The game allows single player and multiplayer formats. The game also features a crafting that allows players to make custom weapons by collecting various materials and blueprints required for the weapons.

DLCs to make the game more interesting

Techland has also announced that Dead Island: Riptide will feature game modes like Horde from the Gear of War series.Dead Island has also received two DLCs-Ryder White DLC and Bloodbath Arena DLC. Ryder White DLC will allow players to play the game from the perspective of the villain Ryder White. In Bloodbath Arena DLC, gamers will be able to play single or multiplayer co-op modes in four different arenas where they will have to fight with waves of furious zombies.

In this DLC, players will be able to loot experience points; items etc and bring them over to the campaign mode. Newly implemented leaderboards allows players to showcase their zombie-killing skills. A game of the year edition of the game is available that incorporates the game and the two DLCs in a single package.

Techland has not provided any details regarding the release date of the game however the game is expected to released in 2013.In the meantime you can watch the teaser here.

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