Destiny: Bungie Teams up with Activision to Launch First Person Shooter

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Bungie The acclaimed creators of one of the most successful gaming franchises, Halo, have unveiled their new game 'Destiny'. After being out of the scene for years, the former-division of Microsoft announced their upcoming MMO/FPS hybrid game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Destiny: Bungie Team with Activision to Launch First Person Shooter

Bungie will be teaming up with Activision to bring this sci-fi first person shooter to Life. The game will offer both single player and competitive/cooperative multiplayer modes and is said to be nothing like Halo. The game will allow players to create, lelvel-up and coustamize their own personal characters.

The game is said to be set in a time where a cataclysmic event wipes out the human species and you play the role of a Guardian of Earth's last remaining city. Thus, you embark upon an adventure, exploring the solar system, fending off hostile aliens. As the game progresses, your character Levels-up and you will be able to equip yourself with new armor, clothing, wepons and vehicals.
There is no word on the price and release date of Destiny, we will let you know once we get more details.

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