Facebook: Hardcore Action Packed Games to Hit The Social Network Very Soon

By: Gizbot Bureau

It was quite surprising when an action oriented game from nWay came out with a trial version on Facebook last year. Reviewers raised concerns on whether users would appreciate this genre of games when typically family friendly games like "Farmville" are enjoyed. However, it has been made clear now that there is a relatively good scope for thriller combat games in Facebook and a variety of new action games are slated to hit this popular social networking site soon.

As per reports from Facebook officials, games based on console-style action will shortly be available on their site; like Sony Corp's PlayStation and Microsoft Corp's Xbox. The latest news is about the arrival of 10 interesting games from third-party developers which is sure to offer a good gaming experience for Facebook users.

The main objective behind this move is to improve the count of user log-ins and make them spend comparatively more time on the site. This will surely result in a good hike of revenue for both advertisement and application segment. At present Facebook is earning 30 percent revenue from the game developers.

A new category is added to the App Center on Facebook which gives easy access for users to the new games. The newly arriving hard core games target male users in the age range of 18 to 30 years. Reportedly, more of these kinds of games will hit Facebook within the next two quarters of 2013. As of now about 1.06 billion users spend their time playing games on Facebook and the newly arriving games are sure to propel the popularity of this largest gaming community to even better heights.

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