Far Cry 3 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Released [Launch Trailer]

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The much expected Far Cry 3, created by Ubisoft Montreal and Massive, was released in Australia and Europe on Thursday. The game is now available for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Far Cry is rated the highest as a shooter game and has received global acclaim for the same. Players don the robes of Jason Brody, who has been stranded in an island which soon proves to be infested with savages. In this world of lawlessness, Jason has to survive by shooting, detonating, slashing and make his way through the foreign land under the eyes of mentally unstable Vaas.

The game is still available in a limited collector’s edition known as ‘Insane edition’, for those who have not pre-ordered yet. The Insane Edition has a lot of goodies to offer. ‘The Lost Expeditions’ which consist of two action-packed missions, ‘Monkey Business’, which consist of four missions by a new character Hurk, the Hunter pack, the Warrior pack, the Predator pack, an insanity guide and finally, a survival kit come along with the ‘Insane Edition’.

DLC content (Lost Expeditions) from the ‘Insane Edition’ is available in the ‘Day One Edition’. The game also focuses on taking mobile phones by storm. ‘Far Cry 3 Insanity Mirror’ is a free mobile application which will enable the gamers to have totally insane conversations with themselves. Its release for the iOS platform will be on Friday.

Far Cry 3 is to be released in North America on December 4th. For more information on the game visit Far Cry 3 website.

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