Far Cry 3 Releases New Character Video for the Tribe

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Far Cry 3 Releases New Character Video for the Tribe

Users will have to wait till December 4, 2012 for getting Far Cry 3 on their respective Xbox 360 devices. However Ubisoft has already released new video showcasing characters named Citra and Dennis. The video has been given the title of ‘The Tribe’. 

Dennis is a character who plays the role of an ultimate guide to the Rook Island and he is the only way to reach the Rakyat tribe at the heart of the jungle. Citra is the queen, warrior priestess and goddess of Rakyat Jungle. Citra is a beautiful and charismatic character who is still cloaked in the mystery of the old ritual. 

Here are some of the key features to look out for in the latest Far Cry 3 edition. 

Open World First Person Shooter

This game allows users to develop their own FPS actions while they embark on path-breaking and exciting adventures. Players will be provided with the ability to customize their weapons, skills and approaches towards each of their missions. 

Other options which gamers can choose from include;

  • Run-and-Gun action

  • Stealthy Close-up takedowns

  • Long-range sniping

The game also features an island that is filled with danger and discovery. The island is comprised of all essential elements such as mountains, grasslands and white sandy beaches.

Some of the activities which gamers can get engaged in within the island include;

  • Discovering Relics

  • Hunting exotic animals

  • Traveling with pace through air, land and sea

The fighting episode will take place in a step by step manner covering island locations including;

  • Towns

  • Temples

  • River Ports and more 

The game revolves around the story of the darker side of humanity and will feature disturbed and engaging characters. A unique approach is taken towards the multiplayer skill rewards and team play. It is inevitable for players to extend support for each other for moving up the level.

Players will have to co-work for; 

  • Battle Cries

  • Reviving Teammates

  • Calling-in team support weapons 

By the end of each match, users can decide whether to show mercy or punish the enemies through interesting options available. Players can develop and access new content by using the powerful and easy-to-use Far Cry Map Editor. Players can make amazing maps quickly and easily by using Map Template Tools, which adds to the gaming experience.

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