Far Cry 4 Coming to India Next Week: 5 Reasons Why You Should Play the Game

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If you are an ardent gamer, the Far Cry series shouldn't be an element of big surprise. Since its initial release back in 2004, the series has grown to an extent that's only admirable. And coupled with the evolution of gaming tech, it's no surprise that each of the Far Cry games (barring the first) have gone on to be major releases.

The latest in the franchise, and already set to hit the Indian shores next week, is the new Far Cry 4. Keeping its habit of setting up stories in exotic locations, Ubisoft has made sure the newest one doesn't diverge from the rest.

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The new Far Cry follows Ajay Ghale, an English-speaking Nepalese native who returns to Kyrat, a wild and untamed region of the Himalayas to scatter his mother's ashes. Far Cry 4 also marks the first time in the Far Cry series that the main characters are natives to the country in which the game takes place.

But why should the game make it to your wishlist for the year? Here are 5 top reasons why you should grab a copy of the game.

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You Can Ride Elephants

The Far Cry series has always given a special emphasis on the in-game vehicles (from jet skis to quad bikes), and the latest one in the franchise allow you to make use of wild animals as a mode of transportation. Or in a nutshell, rideable elephants. And as it seems, rideable elephants will indeed play a major part in the gameplay. You can either travel on land on the back of your four-legged friend or use it to crush enemies underfoot.

The Best Villan.. Ever

Far Cry villains are noted for their "not-so-charming" characteristics, but Pagan Min looks to trample all its predecessors in the race to, well, evilness. Sure, Far Cry 3 saw the coming of Vaas (who was equally insane), but this new guy is said to be best of the lot. Pagan Min believes himself to be the savior of the Himalayan Kyrat state. And we are sure his exuberant personality and love for fashion will leave you wanting more.

In-Game Environment

As far as in-game locations are concerned, we have to say that Far Cry 4 is by far the prettiest game in the series yet. The Himalayan environment is a setting that's still something of an uncharted territory in the video game fraternity, but leave it to the makers of Assassin's Creed to make the most out of it. Moreover, we did manage to find a bit of resemblance with the Tibetan levels in Uncharted 2. Pretty cool, huh?

More Insane Weapons

A Far Cry game is nothing without a healthy supply of weapons to suit your bloody fetishes. And the new Far Cry 4 makes sure weapons (and the amount of it) are the least of your problems. Fans will get to mess around with silenced sniper rifles, automatic crossbows and C4s, fir starters. It's also now possible to drive and shoot at the same time. In a nutshell, the game screams choice when it comes to weapons.

It's Linked to Far Cry 3 (Spoiler Alert!)

When was the last time you played a Far Cry game that's linked to the predeceasing game in the series? Well, never. However, with Far Cry 4, things might change. For example, fan favorite Hurk will be featured in the fourth game, alongside his harpoon gun (Impaler). However, Hurk is available to players that preorder the game in a few levels in which the player tries to save him from imprisonment. Although he is set to appear in the main campaign as well.

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