5 handy tips and tricks a new PC gamer should know

These are the must known tips and tricks for PC gamers

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PC gaming is a world that can be complex and scary for the uninitiated. There is a lot of jargon that you will need to deal with when you decide to start using your PC in order to start playing games.

5 handy tips and tricks a new PC gamer should know


But the upside of switching to your PC in order to satisfy all your gaming needs is that you have access to monstrously powerful systems, amazing titles, and storefronts where you can get your hands on some amazing titles.

Rookies and vets alike can get more out of their system by making use of the tips and tricks that are listed below.

1) Storefronts

The best storefronts from where you can get games are given below:

a) Amazon.com’s PC store: Though buying games offline are not how things are done these days, Amazon still carries a selection of PC games for those who wish to use it.

b) Steam: Valve’s digital store dominates the PC gaming market by allowing users to sync their settings and licenses across devices. The store also has a huge collection of games.

c) GreenManGaming: GreenManGaming is also an excellent option for those who are looking for a place to bag some good deals.

d) Origin: Electronic Arts’(EA) digital distribution platform allows you to pick PC versions of franchises like Battlefield, Mass Effect, Dragon Age and more.

e) Windows Store: Games that you purchase from the Windows Store tie into your Microsoft Account which will also give you access to your Xbox Live achievements.

2) PC monitoring tools

A choice two of the many quality tools that you can use to learn more about what’s actually inside your PC is given below:

a) Speccy: This tool is lightweight and it gives you information about everything that’s present in your PC.

b) HWMonitor: This app gives you real-time information about the voltage, heating and current load that’s affecting your PC.


3) PC maintenance and Optimization

There are a bunch of free tools that you can use to declutter your system:

a) CCleaner can be used to clear out junk files. This is very powerful, so you need to make sure that you review what options are checked before you hit the clean button.

b) IOBit Uninstaller is what you need if you want to get rid of the remnants of uninstalled programs, plugins and more.

c) GeForce Experience is the go-to for anyone who wishes to keep things simple. It automatically provides the optimal visual settings for hundreds of games.

d) AMD Gaming Evolved is very similar to GeForce Experience app but the only difference is that it is used for AMD-based PCs.

4) Capturing game footage

In addition to GeForce Experience and AMD Gaming Evolved, there are also a few other tools that you can make use of to capture game footage:

a) DXTory

b) XSplit

c) OBS

d) You can also make use of Windows 10’s Game Bar by pressing Windows key + G in order to record games and apps.

5) Miscellaneous tips and tricks

a) Switching to an SSD from an HDD if you would like faster texture streaming, load times and improved performance.

b) Cleaning your PC regularly is a good thing to practice. While you can get into desktop towers because of it’s composed of just screws and hinges, this is a little harder in case of laptops.

c) Invest in peripherals focused on gaming, like mice, keyboards, and a decent mouse mat.

d) Get acquainted with PC-focused gaming communities:

i) PCMasterRace subreddit

ii) PCGaming subreddit

iii) GamingPC subreddit

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