5 PC Games You Can Play On Mobile

By Gizbot Bureau

At times, real-life largely influence your gaming time. By purchasing the right games, it is possible to play the games on PC and also continue playing games on the smartphone. We have shortlisted 5 PC games that you can play on mobile as well. It serves the best of the mobile world as well as the PC world. Thus, it helps to make the best use of your gaming time wherever you are.

5 PC Games You Can Play On Mobile


5 PC Games You Can Play On Mobile

1. Fortnite

Fortnite game is seen on most of the systems, consoles, and smartphones. Luckily, if you get attracted to this famous battle royale game, then you do not have to create a separate account for each device. Though Fortnite did not discover the battle royale genre, it continues to be one of the famous entries. Fortnite comes with cross-platform compatibility with all the devices where it is on. Due to this feature, you can buy and earn things on the PC, use them when you are playing on your mobile. Its cross-platform feature helps you to play with mobile, consoles and PC.

2. Minecraft

It is another popular game that is hard to avoid. It can be played on all the latest devices. It is possible to make it function cross-platform but takes extra work. The mobile version is not available free of cost though you buy the PC version. You have to purchase separately for your mobile version.

3. Hearthstone

Do you love playing card games? Well, then you need to check out Hearthstone. It is an excellent choice. It is a fantasy-based TCG (trading card game) where it takes influences from the settings and characters within the World of Warcraft game. From the time it has been released, Hearthstone takes a lot of liberties from the source material and develops a trend for itself. The core design of Hearthstone is developed for mobile cross-play and PC. It means you can construct and play on the PC. If needed, you can continue to play the card game on the go.

4. Crashlands


Most of the game begins on one platform and later expand to other platforms as the game becomes a success. Crashlands has been developed in a unique manner. The developers have designed in such a way it is compatible with both mobile and PC by default. The mobile and PC versions remain in sync since the developers wished one game subscription to remain compatible for both systems. Unluckily, the developers could not sell mobile and PC versions as a bundle and so the price has been split.

5. Shadowverse

If you do not like Hearthstone, you should try playing Shadowverse. It is a card game that is based on animation. It is not popular like Hearthstone. However, it has an excellent fan base who admires the art style. It is an excellent choice if you do not wish to spend much. When it comes to gifts, the developer is generous. You can make a reasonable deck without paying anything. Shadowverse is compatible with iOS, Android and PC devices.

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