8 accessories gamers should have (headphone, keyword, mouse, 4K monitor. etc

    Gaming industry has grown significantly and the industry as a whole is expected to reach a value of over $230 billion by 2022. While PC gaming is expected to be one of the biggest drivers of that growth but it will mostly be via hardware and online game services rather than traditional sales.

    8 accessories gamers should have (headphone, keyword, mouse and more)


    And talking about hardware, apart from the main console which includes the CPU or monitors, PC gaming accessory is also said to make a huge contribution to the growth. Having said that today, the accessories market is already crowded with a lot of products these days. And almost every accessory released for Xbox or PlayStation consoles over the last 10 years is also PC compatible.

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    However, PC accessories today are more innovative than their console counterparts since PC gaming has some unique genres like flight sims not really found on consoles that require special controllers. Thus with innovation, features and value in mind, we have compiled a list of some of the best PC gaming accessories including standard controllers, headsets, steering wheel and more for gamers.

    The accessories have been selected to complement your gaming rig, to bring out the best in those cutting-edge internals, and elevate your gaming experience. Let's get started.


    In this we have selected Logitech G Pro. This is basically a professional-grade gaming keyboard with fully customizable per-key RGB illumination. One key feature of this keyboard is that it has 26-key rollover and this means that you can press every single alphabetical key on the keyboard at the exact same time.


    There are again a lot of brands that offer good gaming mouse for consumers. But most of the good ones come a high price. That being said, we have selected one of the most budget friendly product that basically gets the job done. You can buy the Dragonwar ELE-G9 gaming mouse if you are looking for a mouse and it is priced under Rs. 1,500. As for the features, it comes with an ergonomic design with 7 control buttons.

    You can assign your choice of key gaming action to programmable buttons to create your own customs profiles. Comes with RGB lights and this mouse offers a good gaming experience for the said price.

    If you are looking for a better prodcut then you can consider Razer Mamba. This mouse glides across nearly any surface, its 16,000 DPI sensor reading every nuance of the surface as it goes. The buttons offer custom-tensioning, so you can tune them to respond like a hair trigger, or to really require some weight behind each and every click. It comes with a lot of other features as well.


    Again there are a lots to choose from but what we suggest is that you go for a good one time investment in this category. So for this we have, Sennheiser GSP series headphones. Notably these are bit cheaper headsets compared to others from brands that are currently available in the market.

    The headphones feature 7.1 Dolby surround sound, noise-cancelling microphone, and closed ear cup design with an adjustable split headband rather than the PC 373D's more solid and thicker continuous band. However, there is also headsets from Acer like the Acer Predator headset in the similar price range that is under Rs.10,000.



    Sometime there are games out there for which the best tool to use is the plain old controller. However, in such cases, it's important to have one of the best engineered controllers on the market. Thus Xbox One controller can be really handy.

    The new controllers launched by Xbox One Recon Tech Special, dubbed as Xbox One controller can basically connect to your PC via a wired connection or over Bluetooth. The controller is comfortable to hold for long periods of time, and the soft tension behind the triggers offer the right amount of resistance so you can really make use of their pressure sensitivity.


    VR Headset

    As technology advances, and with the introduction of Virtual Reality, gaming has gotten more immersive. And VR headsets is one of the top PC gaming accessory that helps you enter the digital realms. For this you either own a HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift VR headsets that offer a good room-scale experiences which make them attractive devices.

    Racing Wheel

    Talking about experiences, well, having a wheel controller certainly enhances the gaming feel and experience like no other controllers. For this we have Logitech's G920 Dual-motor Feedback Driving Force Racing Wheel which comes with Responsive Pedals and is compatible with both your PC and Xbox One (with a PS4 version too.) The high quality racing wheel is designed to tune your senses to provide the most realist racing experience ever.

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    Fighting Stick

    Fighting Stick

    Apart from controllers, one cool PC gaming accessory that you can own is a fighting stick. If you like playing fighting arcade games like Tekken then this device is meant for your serious joy sticking.

    So you can basically check out Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 which is one of the best PC fight stick. It comes with Japanese exclusive ergonomic rounded button edges, responsive accuracy, intuitive controls and equalized weighted build for a full feeling to the touch.


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